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Gilmore Girls Community - Icons, FanFic, RP, Caps, Discussions, Rewatches. Everything Gilmore
Welcome To The Gilmore Girls Community
We started in April of 2016 in anticipation of the revival. Thank you Netflix! All are welcome to join.
Our membership is by request right now. Of which your profile will be inspected for any weirdness, like spam posts of sorts. Just want to make sure you are indeed human.
This community is for everything Gilmore Girls and all of their world. Fan-fiction, Graphics, Screencaps, Quotes and whatever else you can think of!
So welcome aboard, pour a cup of coffee and mingle with the community.
Rules and Tags
We ask that you be courteous to fellow members and behave by the golden rule here.
Though If you want to treat other badly we will probably just ban you from the group.

We ask that for any fan-fic, RP or any post for that matter, if it has adult content, that you label it as such and put it under a LJ Cut. So we can keep everyone happy, if you don't want to see those things you won't run into it. We don't expect people to post super heavy adult content. If you want to do that you should go somewhere else. If you have any questions about that ask the owner or a maintainer.

We have several tags that we will explain, most of them are self explanatory;

!CAPS: For screencaps of the show
!DISCUSSION: For discussion about the show, whether it's a particular episode(s) or character(s)
!FANFIC: For those who write fanfic (No Smut, romance is ok)
!ICONS: for our graphic artists out there, show us the icons/graphics you made from Gilmore girls
!MOD POST: Reserved for our mods/owners of the group only.
!REVIVAL: Anything pertaining to the Gilmore Girls revival coming to Netflix
!REWATCH: For those to talk together with other rewatching Gilmore Girls
!TOWN MEETING: A big topic worth blabbing about with everyone in the group.

Take a look at our Tag Page: HERE

The rest are either characters or places. Use them as you see fit. Should you think we need more, contact the owner or one of the maintainers and we will see what can be done!
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