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Event: Weekly Rewatch: Season 1, Episode 6, Rory's Birthday Parties

Here is the discussion post about Season 1, episode 6, Rory's Birthday Parties.

Feel free to add your thoughts and opinions to this post. My notes are below the cut.

  • I kind of wish I had some grandparents like that. Letting me pick whatever I wanted after it all.

  • Is there expensive rich people pudding?

  • I have never had a birthday where someone controlled who showed up to my party, except when I was a kid. Certainly not my entire school....damn...

  • Why didn;t Rory tell Lorelai about her school being invited to her party?

  • Luke is so sweet to Rory. Doing stuff for her he would never do anyone else except Lorelai.

  • Why invite so many people that she doesn't even know?

  • I would have been just as rude as Rory. That isn't her party at all.

  • How much money do you think she got from all the people giving her envelopes during the night?

  • Paris's pants at the college fair are so crazy!

  • I love those original Macs that Rory got from Lorelai for her Birthday.

  • Must be nice to be rich and just think you can have whatever you want. Like Sookie being her personal caterer.

  • How many parents actually know their kids? Especially in todays society.

  • What teenager doesn't sneak their boyfriend or girlfriend around?

  • The look of Lorelai's face at the end. Same face Emily made when she found out she didn;t know Rory or Lorelai at all either.

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