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Event: Weekly Rewatch: Season 1, Episode 5, Cinnamon's Wake

Here is the discussion for Season 1, Episode 5, Cinnamon's Wake

Feel free to discuss it in the comments, respond to my notes(below the cut) or make your own!

  • I'm sure with a family as extensive as the Gilmores, some people are bound not to know each other.

  • "I don't think Claudia plans to die a second time."

  • The look Lorelai gives emily, is she not allowed to make jokes? Or is she just jealous that Rory laughed at it?

  • My parents never participated in school activites, neither did I really.

  • I love spoiling animals. Cat being pulled in a wagon, so cute!

  • She is so weird around Dean, Do we all act like that around crushes? So embarassing!

  • Oh poor Michel having to speak french with the super friendly french men. His worst nightmare.

  • I really like Max, I hate how Lorelai treats know especially if you have watched Gilmore Girls before.

  • I wouldn't even try seafood from a place specializing in Pancakes.

  • Why is she embarassed to be seen with Dean, does she perceieve him to not be good enough for her?

  • To be fair Dean is a little annoying in this episode, especially in the Market.

  • Max and Lorelai really are good for each other, they keep up with each others wit.

  • Do you think the story that Max tells about his uncle is true?

  • Sookie is so hilarious, "I love that Jim Carrey."

  • How would you handle dating Rory's teacher?

  • I laugh every time I watch this episode when Babette talks about Cinnamon shooting across the floor.

  • "Hey you, yee-haw man." Oh Michel, you slay me.

  • Luke and Sookies food battle, I wonder if they have them more often.

  • "Do you have a second?" "No but I have gum."

  • I would be upset to be stoodup or forgotten over a cet funeral. Seriously.

  • I completely love Babettes small house. How does Maury even live there?!

  • This episode makes me wish I could jump into the TV and hug Babette so big

  • Extras sometimes freak me out. I realize that they aren't actually talking and it looks so weird.

  • "I thought you would take it bad. Good thing I was wrong."

  • I would be happy with even half of the relationship that Babette and Maury have.

  • Racoon's Wedding, EMily is still and always will be my spirit animal.

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