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Event: Weekly Rewatch: Season 1, Episode 4, The Deer Hunters

Here is the discussion topic for Season 1, episode 4, The Deer Hunters

Feel free to join in at anytime.

My notes are below the cut

  • I would love if shopping for school supplies were eve just half as amusing with Lorelai when I was a kid.

  • If to err is human, that should be celebrated. Nope, in a private school you aren't allowed to be human or make mistakes.

  • Don't wear expensive shoes to work then Michele.

  • Rory basically has to study forever and ever and never have any free time.

  • Who does that? Oh here are people sitting at a table working, I want the table. It's mine now thanks.

  • Sookie kind of bothers me in this episode. Just drop the risotto. Nothing is always perfect.

  • AP richy rich parents are the worst. They woukd love to find ways to cheat and find out what is on a test so their precious little spoiled brats can get another leg up in life.

  • I would have slapped that lady in the meeting. So fucking rude.

  • Coffee is always needed in my world too Lorelai.

  • Probably the only nice teacher in that entire school and that is extremely sad.

  • That's why going to those private schools are so insane. Getting good grades requires you to not have a social life at all.

  • I would have just got up and left the bench. Leave me alone Paris. Don't talk to me.

  • Sookie please! Stop worrying about the dam Risotto! SERIOUSLY!

  • Do any of you remeber things you studied in school? Do you use the info regularly?

  • Another reason not to go to those schools. They don't leave room fopr being a little late. Everyone is late at one point...

  • Very inappropiate to go to the critics house sookie. I would have asked her to leave or told her I was calling the police

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