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Event: Weekly Rewatch: Season 1, Episode 3, Kill Me Now

I'm late with this I know, I'm sorry!

Here is the discussion post for Episode 3 of Season 1: Kill Me Now

Below the cut are my notes I took while watching it. Feel free to respond on them, elaborate or make some of your own notes and share them with the rest of us!

Thanks for joining us this week!

  • One is a man and one is a woman....seriously Richard. For someone who prides themselves on their intellegence it wasn't a shining moment for him.

  • Rory is actually Lorelai Gilmore the Third. That is just so weird to be the 3rd of anything. Bad enough Lorelai is Lorelai Junior haha.

  • Debating really is a sport, at least in my opinion.

  • Emily: Queen of Burns. Golf clubs upstairs gathering dust along with the rest of her potential.

  • Their fight is warrented, Lorelai likes to control Rory just like she was controled by Emily.

  • Such stuck up bitches, be grateful your mother is paying for the entire wedding.

  • Twins marrying strange is that? Has that ever actually happened?

  • That hat Rory has to wear is the ugliest hat I have ever seen.

  • I can only imagine that teaching Golf is just as annoying as playing it. I find golf extremely boring.

  • It's so strange to have a sport where someone follows you carrying your stuff everywhere. Such a rich person's game

  • I love when Richard is proud of Rory. It's so cute and you can tell he almosts need a Gilmore to be proud of.

  • I hate when Lorelai is so mean to Rory for enjoying golfing with Richard. That's also that controlling thing again.

  • Do you think Lorelai even wants to have a relationship with her parents, if she's that jealous of Rory she must want that right?

  • Babettes voice sounds like she is constantly on the verge of a heart attack

  • Lorelai gets so crazed and mad about Rory actually wanting to go to Friday Night Dinner, it makes me so mad.

  • I love Sookie chasing Jackson down the street. So cute!

  • Emily just loves rubbing the fact that Rory liked golfing in Lorelai's face

  • Poor Lorelai....being left all alone at the end.

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