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24 April 2016 @ 03:54 pm
Hello all and once again welcome to gilmoregirls.

This post serves a place holder - for the rules and a place to get ahold of one of the mods/owner/maintainers.

Should you need help, have any questions. Make a comment to this post and someone will get back to you.
If it is urgent please feel free to send a message to: desert_sage(Comm Owner) and he will answer as soon as he can!

Here are a list of guidelines for the community.
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15 August 2016 @ 04:15 am
Celebrities/Musicians: Christina Aguilera, Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis, Eminem, Frank Sinatra, Jon Hamm, Sammy Davis Jr
Movies: Disney's Pocahontas, Titanic (1997)
Television: Being Erica, Breaking Bad, Gilmore Girls, Masters Of Sex


You can find the rest HERE at darn_thatdream
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Current Music: learnin' the blues - frank sinatra
title; rating: beware the bottled thoughts of angry men; pg
fandom; pairing; wordcount: the gilmore girls; jess/rory; ~1700
notes: written for stainofmylove - also my first gilmore girls fic ever.
well, sort of.

Here is the discussion post about Season 1, episode 6, Rory's Birthday Parties.

Feel free to add your thoughts and opinions to this post. My notes are below the cut.

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Here is the discussion for Season 1, Episode 5, Cinnamon's Wake

Feel free to discuss it in the comments, respond to my notes(below the cut) or make your own!

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Here is the discussion topic for Season 1, episode 4, The Deer Hunters

Feel free to join in at anytime.

My notes are below the cut

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18 May 2016 @ 08:24 pm
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I'm late with this I know, I'm sorry!

Here is the discussion post for Episode 3 of Season 1: Kill Me Now

Below the cut are my notes I took while watching it. Feel free to respond on them, elaborate or make some of your own notes and share them with the rest of us!

Thanks for joining us this week!

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Welcome back Gilmore-ians! It's our second week into the rewatch and it's about Episode 2 of the 1st season; The Lorelais's First Day at Chilton.

So make time to watch it when you can and then come back to discuss it. Either adding your own notes to the topic and/or responding to mine.

Have fun and have a good week! Note below the cut!
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