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Event: Weekly Rewatch: Season 1, Episode 2, The Lorelais' First Day at Chilton

Welcome back Gilmore-ians! It's our second week into the rewatch and it's about Episode 2 of the 1st season; The Lorelais's First Day at Chilton.

So make time to watch it when you can and then come back to discuss it. Either adding your own notes to the topic and/or responding to mine.

Have fun and have a good week! Note below the cut!

  • Love how Lorelai is all about makeup, however the second Lane comes with a new CD it's drop everything and music time!

  • Are all of her wearable and not embarassing clothes really at the dry-cleaners? That can't possibly be true.

  • I could not just get up right away and drive someone somewhere without my coffee. I would have made her wait for a second. So pushy and bossy Rory.

  • Since when do parents have to meet principles/headmasters on the first day of school? Is that only a private school thing?

  • Craziest looking secretary I have ever seen in a show. What decade is she living in, seriously?

  • I love snarky and sarcastic Emily. She is my spirit animal.

  • Worst welcome to school pep-talk by anyone ever. Even if I was super smart I would have just walked out. Failure is a part of life everywhere. Chilton needs to accept that. No one there was perfect.

  • How do they give a grade or extra credit for knowing the school song? How does that even work?

  • Those kids Ms. Patty is teaching are hilarious. Watch some of them, they are each doing completely different things. It's glorious.

  • Do people actually like logo things from High school? I never understood that mentality of needing to wear stuff like that.

  • That is the biggest book or prep work for a class I have ever seen, and the notes from students are even more detailed?! HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE!?!?!

  • Oh Sookie and her peach testing, especially the rolling.

  • Why wouldn't Lorelai accept Emily buying Rory a car? It would be such a huge help to her!

  • Why didn't Lorelai taste the difference of decaf coffee? I know I always can, it just seems weaker to me. Maybe I'm crazy, I don't know.

  • I wish I had the same relationship with my parents that Rory has. That after school scene just makes me jealous. Such amazing supprt!

Well that should be enough to get us started for discussions. Feel free to add your own or respond, whatever you feel like doing is perfectly fine.

Thank you all again for being apart of gilmoregirls share with other fans so we can get this rewatch done right!

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